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Overcome obstacles and unblock their path
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So, you’re successful. Perhaps in recent months, you’ve been promoted, or given wider responsibilities - a new team to lead, or asked to lead an important project.

At first things went well, but now progress has slowed.

Frustration has set in.
You’re facing conflicting priorities; your daily plans are constantly disrupted.
You’re struggling to focus time and attention on what matters to you.

Or perhaps it’s been a while since you’ve been promoted or given wider responsibilities. It feels as if your career has “stalled”? You’ve been in a similar role, at a similar level, in the same department in the same company for a while…


Do you want to spend less time on email?

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If you have problems like these, I can help. .

I coach leaders who are successful but who want to be outstandingly successful and fulfilled. If that’s you, I’ll help you master the arts of goal-setting and goal-getting - and that’s what will help you overcome obstacles and unblock your path to success. You’ll find that my coaching skills and leadership experience will help you to:

  • see CLEARLY what you want and Why
  • CREATE simple plans to achieve it
  • have CONFIDENCE in your skills and ability - especially in overcoming distractions and barriers to success
  • find the time and attention to COMPLETE your plans

Jump-Start is an outstanding value short programme that introduces you to coaching and goal mastery. Think of it as a “bite-size” starter.

I offer 4 other coaching packages. They vary in length and intensity, one of them will suit your circumstances. Think of them as “The Main Course”

And don’t forget to get your FREE copy of my guide “Make Time for Your Goals with 3 Simple Strategies to Master Email”


Bite Size Starter

“Jump-Start” - a great value introduction to coaching for you

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Main Courses

4 packages that mean you choose just the right coaching for your needs

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  • “Working with Andy has significantly boosted my self-confidence and resulted in a move to a senior position in a new company>”

    Gareth, Staffs.

  • “I was feeling completely drowned by email. Andy introduced me to a different approach to handling email and I am no longer driven by other people’s agendas and feel in control of my work.”

    Yolanda, Leicester

  • “Andy’s coaching has helped me develop my career - a secondment with increased responsibility and a significant pay-rise. More than that though, working with Andy is fun!”.

    Luke, Leicester

  • “Andy is a great coach, who balances challenging questions with the ability to build a great rapport.”

    Mark, Harrogate

  • “What I love about working with Andy is that he is not afraid to challenge, and is very clear and direct in his feedback.”

    Steve, London

  • “Andy helped me to look at my goals, both personal and work, which have enhanced and enriched my life.”

    Martin, Leicester

  • “Each conversation challenged me to think about a problem differently and develop really clear next steps to resolve it successfully.”

    Mark, Harrogate

  • “Andy is particularly skilled in quickly building trust with individuals.”

    Iain, Wolverhampton

  • “The greatest compliment I can give Andy is I always leave clear about my actions and always complete them!!”

    Nikki, Birmingham

  • Andy has an incredibly positive attitude and is extremely encouraging to work with.”

    Martin, Leicester

  • “Andy’s coaching style finds me searching deeper and deeper for the root cause of my problem.”

    Nikki, Birmingham

  • “I was challenged to think about different ways of approaching issues in my work and in the way I encounter others.”

    David, Leicester

  • “Andy introduced me to a different approach to handling my emails which has quite simply changed the whole way I manage my workload.”

    Yolanda, Leicester