The Jump-Start Package

Overcome procrastination and frustration with
this quick, affordable introduction to coaching

Jump Start

“Jump-Start” is a great value package that gives you an affordable and straightforward introduction to coaching and goal-mastery.

Over 3 hours of one-to-one time with me, material that will help you to prepare for your session and an introduction to a simple, powerful system for setting and achieving goals that you’ll be able to use for ever - all for just £70!

Here’s where to book your introductory conversation with me, or if you’d like a little more detail, carry on reading.

You’ve already achieved success in your role as a leader. Perhaps you’ve moved from store management to district or area management; or you’ve been asked to take on responsibility for a bigger team, or a new project; or perhaps you’ve just achieved that long sought-after promotion to a senior leadership role.

But, now frustration has set in. Your head is spinning as you face conflicting priorities; your plans are regularly de-railed by other people’s agendas and interruptions; it feels like you’re on a treadmill and you’re really struggling to focus time and attention on what matters to you.

You wish you could feel less confused… more in control of how your time and energy is spent. You’re ready to claim your place as a person of influence in your organisation and field. You’re excited about your next success.

But. Do any of these sound familiar?

  • You wonder why time seems to slip through your fingers, you’re constantly busy but struggling to focus on what matters to you.
  • You feel that your attention is constantly being distracted by interruptions and time wasters …
  • You’re struggling to develop key relationships and networks and are beginning to feel isolated.

I’ll help you. You’ll learn exactly what’s causing your frustration, and what you need to do to begin to feel in control of your destiny and make progress toward your goals once again. As a result of this short introductory coaching programme, you will:

  • Identify short, medium and long-range goals that will achieve your dreams.
  • Understand the barriers & obstacles that are stopping your progress
  • Identify the support and skills you need to succeed
  • Write a clear plan of action to achieve one of your goals

This package includes:

Your Introductory Session

A 20-30 minute conversation, where you’ll get to know me, understand the way that we’ll work together, and we can confirm that we’re a good fit to work together. We’ll review the “Groundwork” and at the end of the conversation you’ll be ready to do the Goal-Setting Groundwork over the next 1-2 weeks – and raring to start!

Your Goal-Setting Groundwork

You’ll complete a clear, understandable series of steps to identify short, medium and long-range goals that matter to you, and select the best one for us to work on together in our one-to-one coaching session. The system you use in the Groundwork is so straightforward and powerful you’ll use it for life, to continue to identify the goals you need to be working on.

Your One-to-One Goal Getting Session

A comprehensive and intense session with me (up to two hours), where you’ll be introduced to and use the Goal-Master approach. You begin with the goal you’ve chosen to work on and end it motivated and committed to achieving your goal, with a clear, simple, written action plan to achieve it and strategies to deal with the inevitable barriers and obstacles to progress that will come your way.

Your Goal-Getting Action

Over a 3-4 week period you’ll work through your action plan and see the benefits of the Goal-Master approach.
I’ll also be on hand to help and support you if things get really difficult, and you’ll get at least one 15 minute call from me, to see how you are doing and to hold you accountable for the action plan that you committed to.

Your Appraisal Session

You complete this amazing package, with a 30-40 minute appraisal session where you review your progress on your goal. It’s a time to celebrate success, and to identify and understand what you could have done differently – or better. You’ll review the tools that you’ve used and you can also think about and discuss next steps.

You can finally have the skills, motivation and system to identify and achieve goals in every area of your life. And I can help…

And to do this , you’ll be asked to invest just £70.00.

Yes. Just £70.00 in total. No hidden extras. You invest one payment of £70.00 - this really is an unbelievably great value package. For just £70.00 you are introduced to a simple straightforward system to set and achieve goals that you can use for life, excellent materials to help you follow the process and over 3 hours of coaching with me to help you bring the system to life!

This package is ideal if you’re new to coaching and want to give it a try.

(Prices are based on sessions by Skype, I’m happy to meet in person, but that will incur additional costs depending on where you are.)

Let’s Get Started

Are you interested in working with me?

Excellent, here’s how to get started.

  1. Reserve your introductory session with me here.
  2. Within 24 hours you’ll receive an email from me with the details you need to make your payment. Once your payment has been received, I’ll confirm your introductory session with me.
  3. Five to seven days before your introductory session, I’ll email you your Groundwork material.
  4. Then we’ll hold your introductory session and get you started

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